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  • Wide range of Wheelbarrows to cater for everyone

    We have a massive range of wheelbarrows that is guaranteed to accommodate your needs. This range includes plastic and galvanised barrows with a variety of different wheels available to cater to your requirements. We have pneumatic, or puncture proof tyres if you need your barrow for rough terrain, or solid wheels for firmer ground as well as two-wheeled wheelbarrows which are designed for incredibly easy tipping. The majority of our wheelbarrows are quite lightweight, making them easy for everyone to use, but at the same time are designed with durability in mind to ensure that you have your wheelbarrow for years to come.

    We offer free delivery to almost all UK mainland addresses via a courier to ensure that you get your order quickly and without problems. Next day delivery is also available on some of our products. We have a wide variety of colours if you’re looking for something a bit brighter, our range of Shire wheelbarrows is perfect for this. All of our products are thoroughly checked before they leave our warehouse to ensure that everything is in perfect condition. We are so confident in the quality of our products that we offer a 12 month guarantee in the unlikely situation that any issues may arise.

    As well as wheelbarrows we also have a range of garden carts and festival wheelbarrows that are incredibly versatile. Our garden carts have been used for everything from use at go-kart tracks to stables. The festival wheelbarrow and garden dump cart have become very popular with festival-goers who are looking to easily transport their essentials.

    In case you have any questions about any of our products then our customer services team is on hand to answer any queries or resolve any issues you may have. You can get in touch with us by phone on 01173302277 or emailing us at Trade pricing is also available.

  • Plastic Wheelbarrow Range from

    We have a fantastic range of high quality and great value plastic wheelbarrows in a variety of designs and sizes to accommodate your needs. The main benefits of our plastic wheelbarrows is that they are lightweight, making them easy to manoeuvre for work in the garden, but also tough so you don’t have to buy a new one every few years. Our wheelbarrows are built to last, with a 12 month warranty in the unlikely event that anything goes wrong.

    Our plastic wheelbarrows are ideal for mucking out as they do not react with animal manure so they won’t corrode. To further the durability of our wheelbarrows, the frames are either painted or galvanised to prevent rust. These frames are tubular steel which is extra strong to provide support to enable you to carry heavy loads without a problem. The plastic body also makes for easy cleaning to keep your barrow looking brand new.

    Our wheelbarrows are incredibly easy to assemble, with just a few parts to assemble and clear instructions provided. If you need any further help with assembly or wanted to enquire about any of our products then get in touch with our customer services team on 01173302277 or by email at

  • New Article Addition

    Wheelbarrow Sales expert team have recently put together a fantastic guide to buying the right garden cart or wheelbarrow, these guides contain relevant information for homeowners or for more commercial use such as on a building site or a animal stable / farm.

    The article explains the difference in pans, tray and tubs as well is the different materials they can be made from. Other things the article explains are how different wheelbarrows manoeuvre or tip, it also discusses the advantages between the more domestic garden carts and wheelbarrows as we get many enquiries about this topic, if you have any questions that are not explained in the article please don’t hesitate to call us on 0117 330 2277.

    Please find the article here.

  • Changes

    This week we have been working on some slight changes to the website. As you may of noticed we have added new more high resolution images of the wheelbarrows so you can get more of an idea of what you are buying.

    Another change we have made to the wheelbarrow website is that we have added the new 65 Litre capacity Pneumatic wheeled tipper wheelbarrow, these are a absolutely fantastic innovation to the world of wheelbarrows as they are highly easy to manoeuvre and the large pneumatic tyres prevent spillage on rough or uneven terrain, this wheelbarrow is also very easy to push one handed.

    The galvanised metal on the 65 LTR two wheeled tipper wheelbarrow makes theme extremely durable. The overall length of this wheelbarrow is 1370mm and the width is 375mm which makes it easy to store.

  • New Wheelbarrow Category! are proud to announce their new category for 2 wheeled borrows. The 2 wheeled wheelbarrow is one of our most popular products due to it extreme stability and strength. Wheelbarrow Sales are known for supplying high quality wheelbarrows at unbeatable prices.
    If you would like to discuss wholesale purchases of any of our products please contact us on 0117 330 2277 to speak one of our experts to get a quote or discuss our which wheelbarrow will suit you.

  • Wheelbarrow Article on Wheelbarrow Sales

    Hello Everyone,

    Today I created a new page on Wheelbarrow Sales main page and was hoping you kind people would all take a look at it for me and leave feedback on here.

    The wheelbarrow page is available at the following URL:


    Wheelbarrow Sales Web Team

  • Wheelbarrow Range

    Here at Wheelbarrow Sales we have an extensive range of Wheelbarrow products. If you are an avid gardener then we have a garden wheelbarrow range for you to look at, and if you need a more durable wheelbarrow for construction or for other industrial uses, we have a Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow range that you can look at. We also have different wheelbarrow ranges that are available in various colours and a tipper wheelbarrow range which is ideal for use with emptying garden waste.

  • Tipper Wheelbarrow from Wheelbarrow Sales

    Here at Wheelbarrow Sales, we have a top quality range of Tipping Wheelbarrow products. Our Wheelbarrow range is highly efficient and  effective and are extremely good for making the process of emptying your garden waste a lot easier. Some of our range use two wheels and others use the 4 wheels which allows for easier manoeuvrability. For the best choice of Tipping Wheelbarrow, be sure to visit Wheelbarrow Sales main website so you can see the full range we stock and the benefits full range of benefits that come with your new wheelbarrow.

  • Our Galvanised Wheelbarrow Range

    Our galvanised wheelbarrow range is ideal for building purposes as it is a much stronger and heavier duty version of a plastic wheelbarrow. This galvanised wheelbarrow range is good for handling large capacity loads and will not be damaged easily by putting usual building waste such as gravel in it. This is a much more durable option than the plastic alternative and works in all weather and terrains. We have both Pneumatic and Solid wheels available to suit your wheelbarrow conditions where the Pneumatic wheel is available for rougher terrain to help get over the difficult obstacles and the Solid wheel is ideal for a lot a situations too as it is puncture proof being that it is a solid option. All of wheelbarrow range is available through our main site.

  • Our Bristol Wheelbarrow Range

    Here at Wheelbarrow Sales we have various ranges of wheelbarrow, all of which have slightly different specifications. Our Bristol Wheelbarrow Range includes both Plastic and Galvanised wheelbarrow ranges with either a solid or pneumatic wheel. Most of the Bristol Wheelbarrow range are Galvanised, however, we also have our Bristol Green Plastic Wheelbarrow option for a very reasonable price from £54.95 with Pneumatic Wheel.

    The rest of our Bristol Wheelbarrow range includes our DIY County 85 Ltr Wheelbarrow, our Bristol Big Barrow Heavy Load 100 Ltr Wheelbarrow and our Bristol 85 Two Pneumatic Wheel Tipper Wheelbarrow all of which are available with a Pneumatic wheel at our standard price, or with a Solid wheel for a reasonably small charge.

    Interested in a Bristol Wheelbarrow, or any other Wheelbarrow that features on our site. Contact us via E-Mail at or one of our sales team directly through our number 0117 330 2277.

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