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Builders Wheelbarrows

Builder's wheelbarrows are built to an extra high standard to allow for the constant heavy loads that will be used on a daily basis. A mixture of strength and durability make the builder barrows perfect for industrial or commercial use. Builder's wheelbarrows are an essential tool for construction and landscaping projects. They come in various sizes and capacities, but the common feature among them is the metal pan, making them durable and sturdy. The wheelbarrows are designed to withstand heavy loads of materials such as soil, sand, gravel, and bricks.They are available with three types of wheels - pneumatic, puncture-proof or solid rubber. 

Pneumatic Wheel:
  • Air filled wheel
  • Perfect for use on uneven surfaces – perfect for gardening
  • Gives the wheelbarrow a ‘bounce’
Solid Wheel:
  • Solid rubber wheel
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Heavy duty – perfect for work on a building site
Puncture Proof Wheel:
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Lightweight
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Builders Wheelbarrows are designed to cope with the tougher conditions found on building and construction sites. Builders wheelbarrows are built to a higher specification, many have thicker extra strong double rolled edge pans and larger diameter frame tubing. We recommend only buying a wheelbarrow for heavy and strenuous work that has reinforced struts from the pan to the wheel as these struts will increase the stability of the barrow and provide the maximum strength and rigidity needed for these types of work related jobs. Wheelbarrow Sales as a company are rated by many customers with our Builder Barrow range, with their galvanised frame and pan you can be sure your barrow will be safe from the elements.

 Builder Wheelbarrows come in a different range of sizes from 85Ltr (150kg) for small building jobs to 120ltr (175kg) for the more strenuous workloads. range of Builders Wheelbarrows includes the Birmingham made Easiload Wheelbarrow which is available with a Green/Black pan or a galvanised metal pan. The Easiload Wheelbarrows have an 85Ltr Capacity and also have the reinforced struts like the Builders Wheelbarrow; if the Easiload has to small capacity then the Builder Barrow will be the perfect Barrow for industrial and commercial use. The Builder and Easiload Barrows also come with the option of a pneumatic tyre or solid wheel, pneumatic wheels are designed more for domestic use being used in gardens, for example where you would be less likely to get a puncture. Although the pneumatic wheel could potentially develop a puncture we do have a large supply of replacement inner tubes at a competitive price.  The solid wheels are designed not to be punctured with their plastic design they are the perfect wheel when on a building site or anywhere they could be cause of a puncture.

 If the Builder Wheelbarrows do not have the strength and rigidity you desire please take a look at our JCB Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow, With the double rolled edges and struts from the pan to wheel this barrow is the strongest of the lot. The JCB Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow also comes with a puncture proof wheel, this will be idea if the use of the barrow will be industrial, or terrain with sharp edges which would easily puncture a standard Pneumatic Wheel.