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Galvanised Wheelbarrows

Our Galvanised wheelbarrow range have a high quality rust resistant coating to the pan to prevent corrosion. The frames are either galvanised or painted metal so they are an ideal wheelbarrow if required to be stored outside. Our galvanised Wheelbarrow range caters for every circumstance from an industrial environment to the gardening enthusiast.

Pneumatic Wheel:
  • Air filled wheel
  • Perfect for use on uneven surfaces – perfect for gardening
  • Gives the wheelbarrow a ‘bounce’
Solid Wheel:
  • Solid rubber wheel
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Heavy duty – perfect for work on a building site
Puncture Proof Wheel:
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Lightweight
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Galvanised wheelbarrows are the strongest barrows we supply. Each tray is treated with a special coating that ensures the extra robust tray will not rust. Ideally suited to heavy load capacities means building or industrial work are catered for. With their tough, metal construction, choosing a wheelbarrow with a galvanised pan and frame will ensure the product lasts longer than standard barrows.
Each barrow comes with either a painted or galvanised frame and pan which makes them ideal to be stored outside with the elements. Also each barrow will either be fitted with pneumatic or solid wheels. Pneumatic wheels are best suited for soft or uneven surfaces while solid wheels are better for smooth hard surfaces such as tarmac or concrete.

Wheelbarrows’ Bristol DIY range of galvanised wheelbarrows are designed for home, DIY and garden use with two options for load capacities. The smaller one at 80Kg and our larger galvanised barrows with a capacity of 85Kg. If you feel that the Bristol DIY range isn’t large enough for the job at hand please see the Walsall range. Made in the UK these barrows are very high quality with a galvanised frame and pan. The Walsall range are more suitable for heavy duty use, ranging in different shapes and sizes from 85Ltr to 120Ltr. You can be sure you will find the perfect Galvanised Wheelbarrow for you amongst our vast range.

For tougher jobs consider the Walsall Invincible Galvanised Wheelbarrow with a double rolled edge pan this barrow is incredibly strong. The Invincible barrow has a capacity of 175Kg (120Ltr). The Invincible also has a welded leg drop nose frame and large pneumatic tyre’s suitable for all terrain types. The pan on the Invincible wheelbarrow is fully galvanised and the frame is painted with a purpose made paint to combat the elements preventing corrosion. This wheelbarrow is suitable for industrial use.

 If you would prefer a two wheeled tipper galvanised wheelbarrow we have the Bristol 65 (65 litre capacity) With their two wheeled design these wheelbarrows are perfect for tipping your load if this is the line of work you want the wheelbarrow for. Lines of work can be industrial, commercial or domestic. With their smaller capacity pan they are easily able to turn and tip.