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Garden Wheelbarrows

A superb range of Garden Wheelbarrows for all of the jobs in the garden and around the home. Our garden range comes with plastic and metal pans with fully painted or galvanised frames preventing rust and corrosion. With our vast range of garden barrows we aim to provide each customer with a wheelbarrow suited to their individual needs.

Pneumatic Wheel:
  • Air filled wheel
  • Perfect for use on uneven surfaces – perfect for gardening
  • Gives the wheelbarrow a ‘bounce’
Solid Wheel:
  • Solid rubber wheel
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Heavy duty – perfect for work on a building site
Puncture Proof Wheel:
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Lightweight
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The perfect wheelbarrow for home and domestic use whether it's clearing fallen leaves, moving plants; compost or soil, emptying the mower or any of the other numerous different tasks and chores to be done around the home. Having one of our superb Garden wheelbarrows will make these tasks seem effortless as their light weight design makes them extremely manoeuvrable. Wheelbarrow Sales’ Garden Wheelbarrow range offers many different shapes and sizes including both Plastic and Metal pans. Plastic wheelbarrows are generally lighter than their metal size equivalents. Two wheeled tipping wheelbarrows are particularly useful for uneven loads, very heavy loads and other awkward loads.

Our Bristol DIY Wheelbarrows are an ideal solution were storage space is limited. With their small, light weight structure they can be stored away without taking up huge amounts of room in you shed, garage, etc. The Bristol DIY wheelbarrows come in a variety of different capacities from 80Kg to 110Kg with fully galvanised frames and pans, they are resistant to rust so if you don’t have space in your shed, they are fine to be stored outside. The DIY Bristol range doesn’t stop there. We also have our Two Wheeled Tipper range which has two parallel wheels at the front making the barrow easier to tip. Another advantage of having a two wheeled tipper is they can balance themselves easily preventing the barrow from falling over with uneven loads.

The Bristol Mucker plastic wheelbarrows offer a practical and colourful solution to your gardening chores. Like the Bristol DIY wheelbarrows the Bristol Mucker range come with a plastic pan with painted/galvanised frames. These wheelbarrows can be stored outside without any need to worry about rust or corrosion on the pan or frame. Our wide range of funky colours offers something to match everyone’s tastes whether fluorescent pink or subtle black.

We trust you can find what you are looking for in our extensive range and if you have any questions about the products or our service then please feel free to contact us.