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Wheelbarrows vs Garden Carts

In this article we will be going through some of the different advantages to owning a wheelbarrow compared to owning a garden cart, both items of garden equipment have their bonuses and by the end of this article we hope you will find it far easier to decide between the two!

Garden Carts & Garden Wheelbarrows are both pacifically designed to make gardening as easy as possible, the wheels are usually pneumatic, this prevents track marks being left on your lawn & also makes it easier to haul big loads on soft ground.
One of the main advantages to owning a garden cart is the fact you can pull far heavier loads with less effort than with a wheelbarrow, also they need to be unloaded far less often which is very handy with garden type jobs.
All that is very well, but wheelbarrows also have their own pacific advantages, for example they are far more manoeuvrable than a garden cart, also they are far more equipped to loading soil - Also although garden carts have a far better volume in general, we have a fantastic product called the barrow booster which is great for extending your wheelbarrows volume and making your job far easier.