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Salt Spreaders

Get ready for a sizzling summer with our versatile Seed/Fertiliser Spreaders! While these spreaders have been essential for keeping your path and driveway clear during winter, they also shine during the sunny months.
Introducing our all-new Summer Salt Spreaders! No need to worry about frost and snow; instead, make the most of your garden or field by effortlessly spreading seeds and fertilizers. Whether you have a vast garden or a small patch, we have the perfect spreader for you.
Choose from our heavy-duty model featuring an automatic spinner system, ensuring even and precise coverage in every direction. Perfect for larger areas and professional use. Or opt for the compact version, designed for personal use, which boasts a cable-operated flow bar system for easy control.
The best part? These spreaders are not just for summer; they are a year-round investment! Say goodbye to the winter blues and embrace the greenery of spring and summer. Experience the joy of cultivating a lush garden or a fruitful field using our trusted spreaders for seed and fertilizer distribution.

Pneumatic Wheel:
  • Air filled wheel
  • Perfect for use on uneven surfaces – perfect for gardening
  • Gives the wheelbarrow a ‘bounce’
Solid Wheel:
  • Solid rubber wheel
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Heavy duty – perfect for work on a building site
Puncture Proof Wheel:
  • Cannot be punctured by sharp objects
  • Lightweight
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Our range of Salt, Seed and Fertiliser Spreaders offer an excellent solution to the cold winter months where paths and roads need to be cleared, or summer months where seeds and fertiliser may need to be spread in gardens or fields. We have ensured that these are not a one-use investment and can be used all year around. Choose from heavy duty models with load capacities of up to 57kgs or more lightweight models which can carry around 27kgs.

Choose from our three types of wheel: pneumatic, an air filled wheel with bounce; solid, a solid rubber wheel which cannot be punctured; and puncture proof, which is lightweight and can't be punctured. The spreaders come equipped with an automatic spinner system operated by a lever on the handle, allowing for an efficient, even coverage of material. No motors or batteries are necessary as it is all manually driven. The other range of drop spreaders come equipped with a cable operated flow bar system, with a lever on the handle.